Be The Math Teacher Every Student Loves...

Be The Math Teacher Every Student Loves...

Without Trying!

Without Even Trying!

Open-and-Go Video Lessons 
and Easy-to-Use Resources!!!

Easy To Use 
Video Lessons 
and Resources



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Our Mission

Our main goal is to put an end to student's math woes by supporting all busy teachers to build students' math foundation in fun and painless ways. We want to work with you so that you are the math teacher every student remembers!

We support ALL teachers, even those that have failed at math themselves and 
aren't math specialists. We know from research and experience how to teach math so that 
all learners are confident, happy and 'getting it'

Our  Grades 1-8 Math Talks program, that was developed for busy teachers, reignites kids love for math and builds confidence that has been long shattered by constant failure in math. 
Just open-and-go, no prep needed!!!

Drs. Marc Husband & Tina Rapke

We are University Professors, Mathematicians, Math Teachers, and Math Coaches. We have spent 1000s of hours doing research, working in classrooms and co-teaching with fellow teachers to figure out what really works. We highly support fellow teachers to inspire math confident students based on comprehensive research and proven methods. 

Let us guess....

  • ​You are up late nights planning for math class and are overwhelmed with trying to pick good resources/ideas
  • ​You've heard a lot about all the benefits of number talks
  • ​Some of your students just aren't getting it
  • ​​You're worried about teaching math cause you've never liked math or been good at it 

Believe us…

In the course of our teaching careers, we've met so many teachers like you.

  • ​ who don’t believe that they could ever be good math teachers since they themselves failed terribly in math
  • ​Teachers with math anxiety and therefore don’t have the confidence to teach math

We've got you covered! We made it our life mission to show teachers there's a totally different, joyful and peaceful way to teach math. We can't wait to work with you and for you to be students' favorite math teacher!

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 We love all the videos you've prepared...It's the highlight of our math class! 
 My students love watching the videos. They now love multiplying decimal numbers
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