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ATTENTION: Busy Teachers Who Want Their Students to Love Mathematics

No More Long Days and confusion Planning for Math Class
No More Long Days and confusion Planning for Number Talks
No Plans? No Problem
No Plans? 
No Problem

Non-Traditional Worksheets That Require NO PREP, Using A Little-Known Technique That Has Helped Hundreds of Students To Finally 'Get it'

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one time yearly payment - no monthly fees

Special Offer: $300 DISCOUNT




one time payment - no monthly fees

Special Offer: $300+ DISCOUNT




one time payment - no monthly fees

No More Long Days and confusion Planning for Math Class

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Rebuild The Confidence That Has Long Been Shattered By Constant Failure and Shame In Math

Hi, We are 
Dr. Tina rapke and Dr. Marc Husband


We are University professors, Mathematicians, Math teachers, and Coaches of math coaches.

We highly support fellow teachers to be inspirational based on comprehensive research and proven methods.
In the last 15+ years, we have been developing a comprehensive program that can help your students build a solid mathematics foundation, climb all the levels, and ultimately become confident and successful students.
And now, it Is the most sought after program by Busy Teachers who want their Students to ease Into and excel in math!
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But before we go on, let us guess…
  • ​You have always believed that you are not ‘math’ person
  • ​You are scared to teach math because you're not a math guru
  • ​Your students are constantly saying that math is boring and asking why they need to learn it
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Believe us…

In the course of our teaching careers, we have met so many teachers like you.
  • Teachers that are busy and don't have hours and hours every night to plan for math class
  • ​Teachers with math anxiety and worry about teaching math
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Well, here is the catch…

The secret to teaching math is to support students to build a strong foundation. It’s from that bedrock where confidence, math mastery, and success spring from.

Many students make mistakes such as memorizing and think they are done...


Memorizing math facts won’t last long in your mindRather, understanding them by developing a comprehensive solution that gets stored in your subconscious mind.

You see, what we wish for you and your students is an all-around transformation, which can easily be achieved by deeply understanding the concepts in the program; not memorizing them.

In fact, most of my successful teachers have had the same beliefs and line of thoughts before using our program in their math class. They are now excited about teaching math and have fun doing it.

How can you easily do this…?

Well, you just need to use the program consistently because it’s all in the secret techniques laid out perfectly in the this new foundational math program

Don’t think it’s all about numbers…
There is more to becoming successful in math than numbers. You might not have known this, but you need more.

Most students who succeed in math do so because they have great number sense, but to have amazing number sense they need the right mathematics foundation –something which most students don’t take time to build.

It takes time to get the basics right. But once you do, scoring big in math will become a walk in the park.

What if we tell you that there is a program tailored exactly for classrooms and to achieve that fate? Yes, a comprehensive solution to build math skills and spur your students' innate love for learning?

Would you not buy that idea?

We know you will... because you want your students to succeed in math and in life.

Introducing the New Math Foundation Program

We Came Up With The Inspirational Math Teaching Program To Solve Those Challenges You Have As A Teacher With Students Who Aren’t Doing Well In Math

It’s a program consisting of short videos that teachers can watch with their students a few times a week. Your students will be able to master essential math skills and build confidence with ease through easy visual concepts.
***There is a bank of videos by topic (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division) and new videos for each Grade level released every 2 weeks.***

Tell Us Where To Send You The Whole Program

We will hold your hand and help your students build a solid Math foundation; boost their confidence and overcome their Math fears

DOTCOM Secrets Book

By watching these videos, your students will develop a huge confidence in math and is likely to end up being a Math whiz!

What You Will Get...
The program consists of 100s of highly resourceful videos each 
about 4-10 minutes long and accompanying “short” worksheets 
(each consisting of 4 questions or less).

The good thing about it, is you don’t need to be a math guru as a teacher. 

Any busy teacher can do it and the answers are right there in the videos. All you need is hit play at least twice a week in your classroom to get students excited about math.

We made it all easy for you and your students. By making mental math strategies visible, spatially placing objects and moving them in just the right spots based on research about how children see numbers in their heads, they will pretty much get the point faster. You will be doing SUPER CHARGED MATH TALKS with having us do all the heavy lifting.

The videos bring together several areas of research (education and psychology) and proven methods so that students can understand and see conceptually. We made the mental math strategies visual for faster uptake.

Most of my teachers like the program because it is exceptional. It super easy to use in classrooms, takes no prep time and is perfectly geared towards student success. Students also get a chance to learn from other students in the videos and this can really build up their confidence.

It isn’t easy Doing It on your own…
Yes, we're honest with you. If you do it alone, you will fail several times and maybe abandon everything and give up.

But that won’t be the case with this program and working with experts who are professors, teachers and math coaches who really understand it all.

DOTCOM Secrets Book Bundle

By watching these videos, your students will develop a huge confidence in math and are likely to end up being a Math whiz!
What Are Other Teachers Already Saying About 'Inspirational Math Teaching?'
This is what some of the Teachers using the program had to say…

“My kids are loving all the videos you have prepared. It is the highlight of our week”

“We watched our third lesson today and this week has been the first time my students have not complained about doing math...."

As You Can See...
This math program can Finally Awaken your 
Students' love for math
Tell Us where you want Us to send you the whole program

Let us hold your hand, help your students build a solid math foundation, boost their confidence, and shape their future

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By watching these videos in class, your students will develop huge confidence in math and are likely to end up being a Math whiz!
Wait! Here are some GREAT bonuses
In addition to getting the complete program, 
I will also send a bunch of bonuses as a token for Teachers like you taking action

Bonus #1: Intro Math Anxiety Webinar

We All Know The First Challenge That Almost Anybody Good In Math Has Once Experienced – Math Anxiety. It Can Really Be A Challenge Getting Over It

Total Value: $17.00
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But don’t worry because in this introductory webinar, you will learn what math anxiety is, how to identify it, what causes it, and a few quick tips on how to treat math anxiety

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Math Program Today! 

Bonus #2: Facebook Group/Support

Meet, Connect And Join Other Like-Minded Teachers Who Are Supporting Their Students In Being Confident Math Learners

Total Value: $17.00
Facebook Group

Ask your questions and have them answered by the community and expert mathematics educators. It’s the best way to bring together like-minded people who are always ready to help when you ask a question.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your  Math Program Today! 

Bonus #3: Math Posters

Your Students Will Understand Math Much More If You Have Inspirational Quotes around the Classroom

Total Value: $17.00
Math Posters
Think about a poster, for example. Isn’t that a good idea? Well, as a bonus, We will give you high-quality Printable PDF posters that encourage, inspire and foster positive math mindsets. 

You can place these all over your classroom and encourage students to build a habit of reading the posters regularly.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your  Math Program Today! 

Bonus #4: Helpful Questions That Get Students To Talk about Their Math Ideas

We Will Also Send You A Printable PDF With Questions That Any Teacher Can Use While Helping Students Share Their Math Ideas

Total Value: $7.00
Funnel Audibles Bonus
 They are not topic specific and have proven to encourage students to talk about their math ideas. This PDF of helpful questions can be placed on your classroom wall and used when teachers are in a crunch and want to encourage their students to make connections and grow their mathematical understanding.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Math Program Today! 

Bonus #5: Upgrade To A FULL 
Grades 1-8 Subscription For Free

We Will Give You Access to All Grade Levels for FREE! 

Total Value: $136.00/month
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 You Will Be Able to Support
 All Of Your Students in Grades 1-8

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What You'll Get

For ONLY  $97 For A Year Subscription
(Yes! You will have access to all resources for 
Grades 1-8)

 Grade 1 Videos and Worksheets
 (Value $17/month)
 Grade 2 Videos and Worksheets
 (Value $17/month)
 Grade 3 Videos and Worksheets
 (Value $17/month)
 Grade 4 Videos and Worksheets
 (Value $17/month)
 Grade 5 Videos and Worksheets
 (Value $17/month)
 Grade 6 Videos and Worksheets
 (Value $17/month)
 Grade 7 Videos and Worksheets
 (Value $17/month)
 Grade 8 Videos and Worksheets
 (Value $17/month)
   Bonus #1: Intro Math Anxiety Webinar
 (Value $17)
   Bonus #2: Facebook group/support
 (Value $17)
   Bonus #3: Math posters 
 (Value $17)
   Bonus #4: Accelerator - Helpful Questions to Get Students Talking 
 (Value $7)
Total Value: $136/Month
Get Your Program Today For
$97 for a year

(Price Will Increase Anytime Soon to $400+ per Year For Access to One Grade)

If you have read this far, it means you are someone we can work with.

Grab this deal before it’s off the market

Will you continue feeling that you can never be a math person, blame your students for failing in math, and lower their self-confidence?


Are you going to take action today, put an end to the shame and trauma of poorly performing in math by signing up for the program?

You have two choices, really. To keep going where you and your students currently are... or try another path that will set you and your students up for MATH success!

You choose.

Press the red button and let’s begin the ride to inspirational math teaching through fun and interactive methods.

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START YOUR Inspirational 
math Teaching!

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